Mina Smart Bar, a new coffee experience

Apr 14, 2020

Mina, Dalla Corte’s flow-profiling espresso machine, is the perfect mix of high-tech and aesthetics to offer a unique customer experience to specialty coffee connoisseurs.

With multiple Minas, you can create different independent coffee corners – we call this concept the Mina Smart Bar, a new and efficient use of the bar counter space offering tailor-made espressos for every coffee. This solution offers an incomparable versatility which can’t be accomplish with traditional multi-group machines.

In the café, multiple espresso machines allow not only to serve more customers at the same time, but also enjoy quality time with the barista as he explains the coffee's characteristics, the extraction techniques and the resulting aromas.

With Mina’s App you can manage all your Minas at the same time - download it for free on both Apple Store and Google Play and use it on any device, smartphone or tablet (included in Mina Smart Bar’s Barista Kit).

Use the App to create your personal extraction recipes, save them in the library and assign them to any of the machines in the shop: this way, you can serve different coffees and choose the right extraction profile for each one in the blink of an eye.

Offer a surprising specialty coffee experience to your customers with Mina Smart Bar.

Mina Smart Bar, a new coffee experience