Mina Smart Bar in a George Howell custom set

Oct 21, 2019

Here at our booth we are proud to display our Mina Smart Bar in a whole George Howell custom set. George Howell has been for over 40 years in the specialty coffee world, true and proper pioneer of the third wave, he is one of the most respected names in the industry. Thanks to his work, he has raised specialty coffee quality standards bringing them to a whole new level. Coffee Pro Danilo Lodi is using the Digital Flow Regulation through the App dedicated to Mina Smart Bar to extract the best qualities of some George Howell’s signature coffees: the Karatu from Kenya, Guduba from Ethiopia and the Alchemy blend.

Danilo has created over 20 recipes to work with these coffees, making profiles that suit everyone’s tastes. For example, with the Alchemy blend, he has saved a profile with heavier body and low acidity that would better suit the Italian market. With the same blend he has also created a sweeter recipe that has a lower body and is more citric. Since the Kenya and Ethiopia coffees are very citric, he made them more approachable by increasing the body and to push down the acidity, creating a profile which enhances the positive acidity to make the resulting cup more complex and round.

With the newest app of Mina Smart Bar, you can use just one device to control up to three Minas at the same time. The Mina smart bar is a modular concept that gives you the flexibility to create different coffee corners for different coffee experiences. By tuning the Minas espresso machines with the exclusive App, you can set different extraction profiles for your coffees and save your best recipes, just like our Pro Danilo Lodi does.

Mina Smart Bar in a George Howell custom set