Mina Smart Bar in By Beans Coffee

Mar 13, 2020

Mina Smart Bar by Dalla Corte introduces a new modular concept: having multiple one-group commercial espresso machines to create different coffee experiences.

By connecting to your Minas through the dedicated App, you’ll need just one smartphone or tablet to control up to three Minas simultaneously. Set different extraction profiles and save your best recipes!

Industrial-inspired coffee shop By Beans Coffee, in Budapest’s historical market hall, uses Mina Smart Bar with two professional coffee machines Mina and two grinders on demand Max to extract top quality specialty coffees. Every cup is treated with attention to detail, by carefully selecting the 5 pre-infusion steps to achieve the best aromas – as the extraction is going, the barista can explain the coffee profile he’s chosen for you, through the simple graph on the App.

With Mina Smart Bar, your coffee break becomes a true and proper coffee tasting. 

Mina Smart Bar in By Beans Coffee