Mini and Super Mini, a well-deserved retirement.

Jun 18, 2020

Mini and Super Mini, two Dalla Corte classics among our range of products, are going towards a well-deserved retirement. Starting last month, the production lines of these two iconic commercial espresso machines have ceased.

Born from the intuition of co-founder Bruno Dalla Corte - father of the current CEO Paolo Dalla Corte – these two machines have been the answer to the increasing market demand for a small single-group machine that would have nothing less than the technology and performance levels of professional multi-group espresso machines.

Mini has been the original Dalla Corte home-espresso machine – small, compact and equipped with a 3L water tank, it has filled the homes of many home-baristas that still to this day extract their morning brew with Dalla Corte Mini. On the other side, Super Mini was specifically designed for restaurants, bakeries and other small shops since it could be plumbed directly to the water supply.

With Studio’s launch in 2019, Dalla Corte creates a compact single-group espresso machine that can be both plumbed in, or work by just filling the 4L water tank. Studio embodies over 15 years of evolution and experience of the Mini series, with innovative technologies and customizable opportunities.

The last Mini and Super Mini currently available in Dalla Corte’s main production warehouse, will be the last ones to be sold to coffee lovers and home-baristas that will appreciate their consistency, performance and simplicity.

Mini and Super Mini, a well-deserved retirement.