New Dalla Corte Keepcup is out!

Sep 01, 2020

We have fallen head over heels for the Dalla Corte Keepcup!

Not only does it look amazing with the iconic DC colours, KeepCup is also tough and durable.This reusable cup measures up to the most demanding baristas’ standards; it embodies our company values and represents the kind of world we want to live in.

A world that is moving towards a more sustainable future.You may buy the Dalla Corte Keepcup because of its captivating design, but at the same time you are also avoiding millions of disposable cups from being tossed into the landfill every day!

And maybe you will inspire others to do the same.

With the Dalla Corte Keepcup you can enjoy better coffee #makeitbetter

Check out the Dalla Corte Keepcup now on our new e-shop at the link below!

New Dalla Corte Keepcup is out!