Orang Utan Coffee Tour - March 2017

Feb 15, 2017

The environment is our common heritage and we are committed to its preservation. The Sumatran rainforest provides the ideal climate for growing exceptional Arabica coffee, but it is also home to the Sumatran orangutans. Due to an increase in palm oil production and in agricultural and industrial development, the natural habitat for the Sumatran orangutan is dwindling fast.

To help preserve this critically endangered environment, we actively support the Orang Utan Coffee Project, which links up with coffee businesses and enters partnerships with trustworthy coffee experts. Together with the volunteers working for the Project, we opened the first Orang Utan Coffee Lab in Medan, the major city in Sumatra, offering our machines and other necessary tools. In line with this Project vision, we want to promote high quality standards by transferring our competences, passion and technical experience.

As every year, the Orang Utan Coffee Project organizes a fantastic coffee tour in Sumatra. You can experience the local farmers' life, see how they pick and wash coffee, admire the local fauna (elephants, orangutans and many other endangered species) and learn how the farmers’ life improves thanks to education.
From 20th to 29th March a great adventure is going to take place in Gayo Highlands, in the north of Sumatra.
Get on board and share your emotions with us!

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Orang Utan Coffee Tour - March 2017