Our dc system: make every parameter better, always

Feb 22, 2019

The dc system the natural development of our mission: we want to offer the best result in the cup, a result that has to be constant and repeatable over time.

GCS, MCS, OCS are our unique solution that are able to offer every single user the opportunity to create the perfect espresso in the simplest way.

MCS, Milk Control System is a special foam wand that we designed to automatically create constant, dense and creamy milk foam.

Our patented Grinder Control System fixes one of the most common problems one faces when working in a coffee shop. With our device the machine and grinder are permanently connected via a serial cable, guaranteeing constant product quality thanks to the automatic adjustment of the grinding burrs.

And lastly our OCS, the Online Control System a special software that allows one to control and visualize all the parameters using an internet connection. All the data required for an efficient control process are continuously available and digitally adjustable.

Our dc system: make every parameter better, always