Our digital touchscreens

Mar 20, 2020

Our digital touchscreens are simple and intuitive to read. On commercial espresso machine XT, each group is provided with its own dedicated digital touchscreen – in addition to one main display to easily access all functions with just a few touches.

The group’s dedicated touchscreen has a user-friendly interface, the most important parameters are always visible on screen. This allows the barista to have the machine’s settings always under control.

On the left side of the panel there's the chronometer, well visible throughout the extraction, and the yellow multifunction button. This button has two main functions: pressed without the portafilter in place, it acts as the group’s flush; if pressed during extraction (exactly when the first drops of coffee start flowing down the portafilter’s spout ) it will show how many grams of liquid are in the cup – this is our Real Time Weight System. On the right side of the panel - top to bottom - we can see the pre-set temperature, the total amount of water used for extraction and the water flow in grams per second.

In Dalla Corte, we always try to figure out what you need and deliver it to you in in the clearest way possible, to always help you #makeitbetter.

Our digital touchscreens