Our journey towards net-zero emissions

Dec 20, 2022

After an extensive work of measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of the Dalla Corte Zero and XT models, these espresso machines are now “Carbon Neutral”!

The production processes have been offset with carbon credits for the Ntakata Mountains program, a project that becomes part of PlaNet, Dalla Corte’s sustainability and social responsibility plan.

A project started in 2020, when we began measuring the carbon footprint of our primary products, in compliance with ISO standards. We measured the impact of our components’ production, assembling processes, and shipping to customers all over the world. With this work, the XT and Zero have become "Carbon Neutral", i.e. their carbon footprint has been fully offset by buying carbon credits for the Ntakata Mountains project, which protects forests and farmers in Tanzania.

Two years ago, we started looking for a project which would meet our expectations. We’ve intentionally put in a lot of work and invested a great deal of time searching for an initiative we could support in the long term.

We’ve identified a longsighted project with a focus on protecting resources: in this area, the Bende, Tongwe and Ha, who identify themselves as people of the forest, are farmers who grow crops and raise livestock. The farmers in this rich forested landscape practice their lifestyle in well-watered valleys and have always cared for the forests that cover the mountains around their communities. This farming lifestyle depends on healthy forests, healthy soils and many other things, such as medicines, honey and firewood and building poles.

With this forest conservation project in the Ntakata Mountains in Tanzania, Dalla Corte commits to protecting forests for farmers, wildlife and climate.

Our journey towards net-zero emissions