Our Mina is here to help you find the perfect Brew Ratio

Jul 22, 2019

How do you like your coffee? Sweeter, more acidic or slightly bitter? Full-bodied or low-bodied? Knowing the brew ratio that better suits your taste is key when adjusting the perfect cup of Espresso.

But first, let’s explain what brew ratio is and how it affects the resulting cup of coffee. Brew Ratio is a value which shows how much grounded coffee you should use compared to the amount of water that will brew the coffee cake. For example, to get a full-bodied ristretto, you will need a high dose of coffee and a low yield, a cup of lungo has a high yield and is more diluted and a good espresso has a balanced amount of dose and yield.

Finding your preferred brew ratio is not easy and being able to replicate that same flavour time after time is even harder. This is why Dalla Corte created Mina, a professional espresso machine that allows you to control water flow at every single extraction.

Mina’s parameters can be set to program different coffee profiles and it will always repeat the brew ratio you created, any given cup. According to your personal taste, you can vary acidity, sweetness and body directly from your device through a specific app.

Our Mina is here to help you find the perfect Brew Ratio