Planning Your Adventure in Athens During WOC

Jun 09, 2023

As you plan your visit to Athens for the World of Coffee and the Barista and Brewer's Cup Championships, you'll hopefully find yourself with some free time to explore the wonders of Greece. Nestled in the heart of this captivating country, Athens seamlessly blends ancient history with a vibrant modern atmosphere, promising an unforgettable experience.

The Metropolitan Expo Centre near Athens International Airport will be hosting the Expo and the Championships (*Not the World Espresso Championship). The airport is about an hour and a half away from the city centre and the Acropolis by public transit, it's also approximately the same distance from Athens' Piraeus Port. This information will come in handy if you plan on heading out to have adventures in Athens or visit the Cyclades islands via ferry. 

Regardless of whether you have a day or a few extra days to spare, Athens has plenty to offer. Here are some must-do activities that will leave you enchanted:

Acropolis: A Glimpse into Ancient Glory

No visit to Athens is complete without ascending the iconic Acropolis. Marvel at the architectural brilliance of the Parthenon and wander through the Propylaea. Explore the fascinating Erechtheion with its famous Caryatids and bask in the panoramic views of the city below. Don't forget to visit the nearby Acropolis Museum for further insight into this majestic ancient citadel.

Plaka: Stroll Through Timeless Streets

Step into the enchanting neighbourhood of Plaka, a labyrinth of winding streets steeped in history and charm. Lose yourself amidst neoclassical mansions, cosy tavernas, and quaint shops selling local crafts. Discover the tranquil oasis of the Anafiotika district nestled beneath the Acropolis slopes. Indulge in traditional Greek cuisine and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this picturesque quarter. 

National Archaeological Museum: Time Travel Through Artefacts

History enthusiasts will find the National Archaeological Museum a treasure trove. Delve into a vast collection of ancient artefacts, sculptures, and archaeological treasures spanning thousands of years. Witness the awe-inspiring Mask of Agamemnon and marvel at the mesmerising Antikythera Mechanism—an ancient mechanical wonder. The museum offers an immersive experience that brings Greece's past to life.

Mount Lycabettus:  A Panoramic View from Above

Escape the city's hustle and bustle by embarking on a journey up Mount Lycabettus. Hike or take a funicular to reach the summit, where breathtaking panoramic views of Athens await. Capture the perfect sunset photo, enjoy a romantic dinner at the mountaintop restaurant, or simply savour the tranquillity of nature. This elevated sanctuary provides a serene respite amidst the urban landscape.

The Cyclades: Experience The Wonder of the Aegean Sea

If you have a few extra days, consider taking a ferry from Piraeus Port to explore the enchanting Cyclades islands. Discover the picturesque white-washed villages of Santorini, relax on the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, or immerse yourself in the rich history of Delos. Each island offers its unique charm and beauty, providing a memorable Greek island experience.

As you immerse yourself in the vibrant coffee scene of Athens during the World of Coffee event, take the opportunity to delve into the city's rich history, explore its charming neighbourhoods, and indulge in its culinary delights. From the iconic Acropolis to the quaint streets of Plaka, and from the captivating exhibits of the National Archaeological Museum to the breathtaking views atop Mount Lycabettus, Athens offers a perfect blend of ancient splendour and modern allure. Make the most of your time in Greece and create lasting memories as you embrace the unique cultural tapestry that Athens has to offer.

** The World Espresso Championship will be held near the neighbourhood of Plaka at the 360 Degrees Hotel Athens on the 25th of June. 

Planning Your Adventure in Athens During WOC