Portafilter Showdown: 54mm vs. 58mm

Dec 18, 2023

Welcome to the ring, where espresso aficionados and baristas gather for a showdown between two titans in the coffee world: the 54mm and the 58mm portafilters. At Dalla Corte, we've proudly embraced the exclusive 54mm portafilter, a non-conformist choice that has been our signature since day one. But why, you may wonder, did we opt for the road less traveled when the industry standard is the 58mm portafilter?

Let's spill the beans on the two main factors that make the 54mm portafilter a heavyweight champion in its own right, meticulously crafted by the visionary minds of Paolo and Bruno Dalla Corte: pressure and pre-infusion time.

In the boxing ring of extraction, where water pressure reigns supreme at a standard 9 bars, the 54mm portafilter throws a curveball by pressing about 30kg less on the coffee cake compared to its 58mm counterpart. This seemingly subtle difference is a game-changer, ensuring a taller coffee cake with the same dose of coffee. The result? Hot water leisurely meanders through the grounded coffee, applying less pressure and extracting a symphony of flavors and aromas for an espresso that's as rich as it gets.

But what about variety, you ask? Enter the 58mm portafilter, a recent addition to our lineup. In the pursuit of accommodating diverse tastes and preferences, we introduced the 58mm portafilter kit. This larger counterpart allows baristas to experiment with a higher dosage of specific blends, unlocking hidden aromas and flavors with every sip.

In the world of specialty coffee where exploration knows no bounds, Dalla Corte understands the need for versatility. That's why we've handed the reins to our beloved customers, giving them the choice between the distinctive 54mm portafilter and the exploratory 58mm option. Both promise a coffee journey filled with passion and precision, ensuring every cup is a masterpiece crafted to perfection.

So, dear coffee enthusiasts, which portafilter will you choose for your next brewing adventure? The 54mm, with its finesse and delicate drip, or the 58mm, exploring new frontiers with a bolder dosage? The choice is yours, and the espresso world awaits your decision!

Portafilter Showdown: 54mm vs. 58mm