Professional Espresso Machines for Specialty Coffee

Feb 19, 2024

What is Specialty Coffee?

"Specialty Coffee" is a kind of high-quality coffee that has unique and exceptional characteristics. This designation is awarded to coffees from specific regions, grown in optimal climatic conditions and cultivated with attention to detail from planting to harvesting.
The main characteristics that define specialty coffee include:

  • Tasting Score: Specialty coffee is evaluated based on a score given during a tasting, commonly using the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) rating system. To obtain the specialty designation, the coffee must achieve a score of at least 80 out of 100.
  • Origin: Specialty coffee comes from specific geographic regions with ideal growing conditions, such as moderate altitudes, suitable climate and favorable soil. Origins can include countries known for producing high-quality coffee, such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Kenya, Costa Rica, and others.
  • Harvesting and Processing: Specialty coffee production usually involves sustainable farming methods and agricultural practices that preserve the quality of the bean. This may include techniques such as selective harvesting, natural drying, or washing.
  • Unique Flavors and Flavor Profiles: One of the hallmarks of specialty coffee is the variety of flavors and flavor profiles it offers. Each bean present unique characteristics, ranging from floral and fruity notes to complex and balanced nuances.
  • Tracing and transparency: The specialty coffee supply chain often emphasizes product traceability, allowing consumers to know the exact origin of their coffee and have detailed information about its cultivation and processing.

Exploring the world of specialty coffee becomes an exciting journey through a universe of quality, passion, and craftsmanship, where each cup tells a unique story.
However, even with high-quality coffee, error in extraction can compromise the experience. Imagine that you have in your hands a precious selection of specialty coffee beans from the world's best regions. Each bean holds a world of unique aromas and flavor nuances, ready to be revealed through careful extraction. But this amazing potential that the coffee beans hold risks being wasted if your coffee machine doesn't maintain a consistent temperature and – consequently – doesn’t extract the coffee optimally. That's where Dalla Corte espresso machines come into play, authentic works of art of engineering and passion, made with the highest quality materials and proudly made in Italy.

Dalla Corte’s Multiboiler Technology

With Specialty Coffee Machines the multiboiler takes center stage, offering baristas the necessary tools to create extraordinary coffee experiences, any given cup.
The thermal stability provided by the multiboiler is critical to maximizing the characteristics of each coffee variety. Without a consistent temperature during extraction, valuable aromas and flavor nuances are lost, compromising the overall coffee experience. In each cup there could be found inconsistencies, depriving your customers of the full experience that high-quality coffee can offer.
Thanks to the multiboiler technology (patented by Dalla Corte), this concern is eliminated, providing reassurance and confidence to fully utilize each coffee selection, empowering baristas to deliver exceptional coffee experiences consistently, any given cup. This innovative technology, the core technology of all Dalla Corte machines, is designed to ensure consistent quality with every extraction, radically transforming the way coffee is extracted.
The multiboiler in Dalla Corte machines goes beyond simply separating the steam boiler from the brewing groups. Each brewing group is independent from the others, allowing precise temperature management and customization of extraction for each blend or single origin. By ensuring autonomy among groups and maintaining accurate brewing temperatures, baristas have the freedom to explore diverse flavors and pinpoint the perfect extraction point, commonly referred to as the "sweet spot." This precision enables consistent excellence in every cup, unlocking the full potential of each coffee variety's unique characteristics.
Thermal stability is critical to ensuring consistent quality with each cup. The individual brass units, with their mass of 5.8 kg, limit heat loss as much as possible, contributing to the thermal stability of the machine. This guarantees optimal extraction results, even during peak periods, maintaining precise temperature control with an exceptional accuracy of 0.1° throughout the extraction process. Such meticulous temperature management safeguards the coffee's aroma, body, and flavor from any temperature fluctuations, ensuring consistently excellent espresso that can be replicated over time.

The importance of water control

Having top-quality coffee isn't enough: with the Digital Flow Regulation (DFR) technology, you can precisely adjust the water flow rate, a crucial element for specialty coffee lovers. This allows baristas to tailor the extraction process to the specific characteristics of each coffee, whether light or dark roast. Dalla Corte Specialty Caffe machines can adjust the flow more gently or aggressively, avoiding extracting negative notes such as bitterness and discover all the organoleptic properties of the specialty selection in the cup.
Specialty coffee selections are considered so valuable that finding the perfect recipe to extract them is critical. DFR technology allows baristas to create and experiment with different flow profiles, exploring different organoleptic properties of the same coffee. This flexibility and precision in adjusting water flow ensures that each cup of specialty coffee is extracted with care and precision, preserving and maximizing the unique characteristics of each coffee bean.
Dalla Corte machines are more than just coffee machines. They represent the result of years of research, innovation and dedication in the specialty coffee industry. Fueled by an ever-growing community of passionate and skilled baristas in Italy, we believe that specialty coffee will continue to captivate new enthusiasts, much as it has enchanted us. Dalla Corte stands as the quintessential embodiment of an experience and passion that pours into every cup, transforming a simple moment into an unforgettable experience.

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Professional Espresso Machines for Specialty Coffee