Retracing our history to celebrate our 20th anniversary

Aug 27, 2021

Remember how exciting it was writing a postcard to your friends and family when you were leaving for a long journey? And remember how even more thrilling it was opening your mailbox and find tons of postcards from faraway places?

With the Dalla Corte Anniversary campaign we wanted to share that nostalgic feeling of excitement with you, retracing the history of the company through celebratory postcards ready to travel routes from all over the world. Every postcard comes with a stamp: in the anniversary year, we send out every single Dalla Corte espresso machine with a unique stamp, a collectible magnet, dedicated to our hometown, Milano!

This is just a small taste of what we have in store for the #makeit20 Anniversary campaign, we have some very exciting exclusive products coming up, don’t miss next week’s posts for the reveal of the limited-edition Anniversary products.


# makeit20

Retracing our history to celebrate our 20th anniversary