ROOTS x Uniqlo Thailand

Nov 18, 2022

A collaboration between Uniqlo Thailand and Thai coffee roaster ROOTS has brought Dalla Corte into the world of fashion. 

The Japanese clothing company has opened the NEW U store in Bangkok as a limited-time pop-up experience. Shopping at the NEW U location is all done online using the Uniqlo App, while payment and pickup are done at the store’s location, where customers can also enjoy a coffee from ROOTS. 

For the busy or the shopping averse, this arrangement is a welcome change, reducing queue waiting times and the hustle and bustle of a busy store environment. For us, however, the idea that we can sit in a cafe on our phones and shop while we drink coffee, is the real siren song… and the coffee, lovingly roasted by ROOTS and brewed on a Dalla Corte XT, is delightful. 

ROOTS, led by a small team of “coffee fanatics” goes to great lengths to ensure they buy and produce coffee that “not only tastes ‘good’ but also reflects the goodwill and good intentions that go into every cup.”  A value they are able to uphold thanks to their close and deliberate connection to the farmers who grow their beans.

ROOTS x Uniqlo Thailand