SCE Boston, all that is Specialty.

Apr 16, 2019

Three surprisingly amazing days at the Specialty Coffee Expo Boston where innovation and passion meet, to make up a myriad of emotions.An enveloping experience for everyone and from everywhere.

With people from all over the world who came to test our machines to find their perfect coffee and their flow on our XT and Mina. What drives us to do better the curiosity that each and every one of us seeks, for such reason, even George Howell, leader in the specialty coffee field passed by our stand for a dedicated tasting session with our Coffee Pros Fabrizio and Danilo. A real inspiration to us all.

It was a pleasure living this incredible experience with all of the people who came to visit us at our stand.

We can’t wait to relive these moments at World Of Coffee in Berlin.

See you soon!

SCE Boston, all that is Specialty.