Studio, the machine for your home

Apr 27, 2020

Martha Grill, first place at the Brazilian Barista Championship, has totally fallen in love with our professional home-espresso-machine Studio!

Dalla Corte Studio is not just the perfect home-machine because of its small size - as Martha explains, it hides a lot of technology. Equipped with the original multiboiler system, Dalla Corte’s core technology, you can turn off just the group or the boiler when not used and save energy! Thanks to this advanced system, the temperature can be set with a 0.1° precision and is maintained steady throughout extraction.

As Martha points out, the digital screen allows you to keep all parameters easily under control. You can choose to either fill up Studio’s water tank or directly plumb the machine into your water supply system! The latter will also allow you to access the pre-infusion menu and play with extraction recipes.

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Studio, the machine for your home