The 54mm portafilter will enrich your espressos!

Mar 05, 2021

Why do you need to try the 54mm portafilter?

Because it will enrich every cup of espresso you make!

In Dalla Corte we standardly equip all our espresso machines with the exclusive 54mm portafilter instead of the more ordinary 58mm.

This unique measure was chosen by Paolo and Bruno Dalla Corte after years and years of research on the perfect espresso extraction.

With the same amount of coffee in the filter, the coffee cake will clearly be taller in the 54mm portafilter, allowing the water to flow through the puck more slowly, extracting more aromas and a richer espresso.

Born from the passion for coffee and for technology of Paolo and Bruno Dalla Corte, the 54mm has always set us apart and we couldn’t be prouder of it! #makeitbetter

The 54mm portafilter will enrich your espressos!