The Australian Coffee Championships start Tomorrow!

May 07, 2023

Tomorrow is the day! Baristas from across the nation will showcase their skills, creativity, and passion, vying for the coveted titles of Australian Barista Champion and Australian Brewers Cup Champion. 

The competition will kick off tomorrow with a “Bump In” day at 7:30 am at the Industrique in Coburg North, Victoria. It’s an open event, so if you’re in the Melbourne area you are welcome to come and watch the talented Australian baristas as they battle it out for the chance to represent Australia on the world stage.

A live streaming link has not yet been released for the event, however, according to ASCA’s website, “We will be Livestreaming the Finals day in its entirety as per usual with a first-class production (Master chef quality) with a slightly scaled down version for open and semis rounds due to budgetary restraints.” So, if you’re unable to make it down to Melbourne, you should still be able to get in on the action!

The Australian Coffee Championships start Tomorrow!