The Coffee Caliber

May 15, 2020

The Coffee Caliber is a precision tool that measures how much room there is in the extraction chamber of Dalla Corte espresso machines.

By placing on the portafilter this innovative tool - an exclusive creation of Dalla Corte’s R&D department - you can easily see if the amount of coffee in the filter is correct, if there’s too much grind, or if you need to add more coffee.

To do so, you just need to check the Coffee Caliber’s indicators. Fast and easy! Now you know that the extraction chamber has been perfectly measured, which provides you with the perfect setting to achieve the best pre-infusion.

We recommend having between 2 and 3 mm between the coffee cake and the dispersion screen at the top. If there isn’t enough room in the extraction chamber, the coffee will expand once the first drops of water run through the coffee cake creating channelling, reducing the aromas in the cup, or worse, it could damage the shower screen.

In Dalla Corte’s unceasing research to provide you with the best equipment to achieve espresso perfection, we’ve created something new - a tool to help expert baristas maintain consistency at each extraction, and a reference point for who is just starting to experiment with espresso. This is how we #makeitbetter

The Coffee Caliber