The Dalla Corte Roadshow

May 09, 2024

Get Ready for an Epic Coffee Adventure at the Dalla Corte Roadshow! 

The world of coffee is about to experience an extraordinary adventure thanks to the Dalla Corte Roadshow. Join us for a journey into the heart of specialty coffee, in partnership with Camel Step. Mark these must-see dates and locations:

May 12 in Riyadh

May 14 in Jeddah

May 16 in AlKhobar

Discover the Dalla Corte Zero 

At the heart of this roadshow is the Dalla Corte Zero, a true masterpiece of technological innovation and futuristic design. This cutting-edge coffee machine is renowned for its precision and customization capabilities, offering baristas the ability to explore new possibilities with its advanced flow profiling system. The Zero is setting new standards in the coffee industry, making every cup a perfect blend of art and science.

Special Guest: Mariam Erin 

We are honored to have Mariam Erin, UAE Barista Champion 2023 and third runner-up at the Cezve/Ibrik World Championship, as our special guest. Mariam will share her extensive experience and insights, enriching the event with her passion and profound knowledge of the coffee world. Don’t miss the chance to meet her and gain valuable insights from a true champion.

An Event Not to Be Missed 

The Dalla Corte Roadshow is an exclusive event where innovation meets passion, offering a unique experience to coffee lovers and industry professionals alike. It's a celebration of the future of coffee, showcasing the latest in coffee technology and the artistry of skilled baristas.

Save the Dates! 

- May 12 - Riyadh  

- May 14 - Jeddah  

- May 16 – Al Khobar  

Mark your calendar for the Dalla Corte Roadshow and prepare to embark on an epic coffee adventure. This is an event you cannot miss – get ready to discover the future of coffee, one cup at a time! 

Stay tuned for more details and updates. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Dalla Corte Roadshow