The DC Grinder Control System

Jul 09, 2020

In Dalla Corte we focus on finding simple, intuitive and high-quality solutions to allow our customers to make the best coffee every day. Our Grinder Control System is the answer to maintain the best quality of coffee from your morning brew to your after-dinner espresso.

The GCS is a special technology which, through a serial cable, allows you to connect Dalla Corte’s grinders on demand DC One and DC Two to our commercial espresso machines. Through this electronic connection, the coffee machine can automatically signal to the grinders when to adjust the grinding point.

To reduce the effect that temperature and humidity shifts have on the coffee beans, baristas should change the grind size and/or the coffee dose multiple times during the day. If not, it is easy to taste the difference in your cup. With the GCS, this all happens automatically -  an extra helping hand, so that baristas can fully dedicate themselves to customers!

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The DC Grinder Control System