The Energy Saving Multiboiler

Aug 07, 2023

Part of Dalla Corte’s social and environmental responsibility plan, PLANet, is ensuring our machines help you reach your energy saving goals.

We’re happy to share that our multiboiler has passed the test! 

Power on, Power off:

With our independent boilers, you're in control! After busy hours, simply switch off the boilers you don't need, ensuring efficient operation with just one group. Even in standby mode, our small 0.500-liter groups sip minimal energy.

Tested for Efficiency:

We take energy consumption seriously. Our professional espresso machines underwent rigorous testing by the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark, and the results are in! Our Evolution series (2, 3, and 4 groups) scored impressively lower energy consumption than traditional systems.

Energy-Saving Figures:

Here's the scoop: Our 2 groups machine consumed only 7.8908 kWh, the 3 groups machine used 11.3014 kWh, and the 4 groups machine consumed 13.095 kWh in 24 hours of stand-by mode. Now that's efficient!

The Energy Saving Multiboiler