The exclusive 54mm portafilter

Mar 25, 2020

In Dalla Corte we stand by our exclusive 54mm portafilter, a non-standard measure that has always set us apart.

Considering that most professional coffee machines come with the 58mm portafilter, what is the reason behind Dalla Corte’s decision to equip their espresso machines with the 54mm portafilter?

There are two main elements behind the success of this particular dimension, specifically studied and designed by Paolo and Bruno Dalla Corte: pressure and pre-infusion time.

During extraction, the water pressure in the brewing group is usually a standard 9 bar. This pressure brings the 54mm portafilter to weigh on the coffee cake about 30kg less compared to the 58mm portafilter!

Secondly, in the 54mm portafilter the coffee cake will be taller than the one in a 58mm portafilter with the same amount of grounded coffee in the filter: the water will flow through the puck more slowly and with far less pressure, extracting more flavors and aromas for a richer espresso.

The unique design of our portafilter is ideal for a cup of true Italian espresso and it has been installed on Dalla Corte’s professional espresso machines since the first Evolution in 2001. From the very beginning we always try to be a step ahead and #makeitbetter.

 The exclusive 54mm portafilter