The Grinder Control System

Sep 19, 2019

The Grinder Control System is our solution to maintain a good quality of coffee throughout the day. In order to do so, Baristas would need to set the grinder multiple times during the day to minimize the effect that temperature and humidity have on the coffee bean.

In the video Dalla Corte - The #Perfectshot - Grinder Control System, we see the difference in extraction time, crema and aromas while making coffee in the morning, the midday and in the afternoon, using the same parameters for each extraction.

The GCS connects the grinder with the professional coffee machine, when the machine detects a small difference in extraction, it sends a signal to the grinder to adjust the grind size and/or the quantity of coffee. On our commercial espresso machine XT for example, you can use the Grinder Control System on up to 3 grinders, so in your coffee shop you could have one grinder for the blend, one for the single origin and one for decaf. Constant, repeatable, perfect, just as your customers want their coffee to be.

The Grinder Control System