The importance of a Second Possibility

Dec 01, 2016

Motivation is everything: is the impulse that encourages us to do, to be enthusiast, to believe in our capabilities. We can't do without, it would be impossible to take on our lives, work and aims. We succeeded. We instilled our passion and our fancy doing in a particular contest: the Penitentiary of Bollate (Milan).

Here, in cooperation with Francesco Bernasconi, responsible for the cooperative Bee4 Altre Menti, we created an ambitious project: the Second Chance Project. "Give the opportunity to release themselves, to make them feel people and not numbers is the distinctive trait of our initiative" states Paolo Dalla Corte, CEO of our company.
"We wanted that the restyling of our first model, the espresso machine Evolution, combined a honourable cause to a business opportunity for our product, that will be on the market with a competitive price."

An equipped laboratory inside the penitentiary allows 11 inmates, personally selected by Paolo Dalla Corte, to start this new challenging working experience. Grazie a un nostro team di tecnici, the guys will be trained in a way that they could learn new skills, useful for a future job. A working education is fundamental to reduce the percentage of recidivism.

"Having a forward-thinking gaze, a different perspective allowed to this project to come to life and coexist with a same purpose" highlighted Maria Rosaria Becchimanzi, in charge of the self entrepreneurship service of Milan.

Seeing twinkling eyes, full of hope, is our biggest satisfaction, confirmed by this enthusiastic inmate's statement: " We will give it all we got."
And we are really proud of.

The importance of a Second Possibility