The Importance of Booking Ahead

Oct 28, 2022

Events and travel have picked up exponentially since easing of restrictions following Covid-19. The Melbourne International Coffee Expo is an excellent example of society's desire to get back out there with its record attendance of 15,056 people, the highest attendance to date. 

With this newly reinstated freedom, many cafes, restaurants, and pubs are resuming their annual traditions. Events like Halloween parties, Christmas Dinners, and the rapidly approaching Melbourne Cup Day are being advertised by Australian businesses once again. 

It’s vital for any business putting on an event to have an idea of how many people they will need to accommodate, and most businesses are able to estimate based on the previous year’s attendance. However, after nearly three years of Covid-19 restrictions, a return to hosting holiday parties and racing brunches will come with a degree of uncertainty. 

You can help make this transition a little easier by booking your space or table in advance of any event you’d like to attend. Additionally, pay attention to the social media of your favourite Cafe or Restaurant to be aware of any events they will be hosting. It’s a very disappointing experience to arrive for your daily cup of coffee only to find you aren’t able to get a table because something is on. 

Most importantly, as we go through this transition together, remember to be kind. Kindness is a gift to those who give it as well as those who receive it. 

The Importance of Booking Ahead