The people behind DC Australia

Mar 22, 2022

The team here at Dalla Corte Australia is varied and widespread. We have different work backgrounds, religious beliefs, dietary restrictions, and postcodes. Our meetings are held on Zoom, and a collaborative work lunch requires a full day and a plane ticket. Nevertheless, we are a tight knit group who are almost, but not quite, as fond of one another as we are of coffee.

Down in Melbourne resides the newest member of our team, Hamish, the National Sales Manager. Hard-working and fun-loving, Hamish is always there with an encouraging word and a positive outlook. 

A little further north, in Wollongong, lives Boris, who knows absolutely everything about Dalla Corte’s machines, as well as an insurmountable amount of knowledge about coffee itself. Aptly, Boris is the Product Specialist for Dalla Corte Australia.

Kylie, who previously worked as a travel agent, is our Sales Executive. She lives in Sydney, and is an ace when it comes to problem solving and brilliant ideas.

Last but not least is Tristan who is the Business Development Manager for Dalla Corte Australasia. He divides his time between Brisbane and Kuala Lumpur, and is the best guy to go to for calm level-headed advice about coffee, business, life, and everything. 

Together we endeavor to bring the magic and innovation of Dalla Corte’s technological advancement Australia-wide, and the joy of consistently good coffee to Australians everywhere.

The people behind DC Australia