The perfect profile for your commercial blend with Mina

Jun 04, 2018

Play and create your personalized recipe with Mina! Our Coffee Pro JJ is here to explain how you can turn a commercial blend coffee into an incredible experience.

“Before starting this process, you need to understand the coffee you have chosen, and always keep in mind that even if you set a profile, the latter can change based on the weather, the heat and if it is fresh or old.

After having done so, the first parameter that the barista needs to adapt is the temperature. For the coffee that we have chosen today, which is a 100% arabica blend with a natural medium-dark roast. I started out with a 92,5°C but the cup after cup, I realized that the ideal temperature for this coffee was actually 93,5°. That is the perfect temperature which is able to enhance the aromas and to sweeten the bitterness, rather than keeping the previous temperature which would have affected the aftertaste. In fact, if we had used a higher temperature it would be too bitter, and a lower temperature wouldn’t have given it a full rounded body.

After having set the right temperature, it’s time to adjust the flow. Start out with a standard flow, one which is similar to the one found in a normal machine, where there is no adjustable flow, normally 10g/s. I tried to enhance different notes to the original ones of the coffee, which were bread and nuts. For this coffee, I decided to start with a long infusion (4g/s for 6 seconds), to enhance the fruity notes of this coffee, then the flow increases, up to 8g/s and it remains constant for 7.5 seconds. The flow then decreases so as not to extract the bitter notes of the coffee. The perfect balance.

All in all, if we had extracted this coffee, without an adjustable flow profile it would have resulted in a more nutty and bitter coffee, something that might not always tickle your taste buds and that would have left you with a lingering bitter taste. This way we were able to enhance the essence of the coffee and bring out the flavours that are the ones which are truly unique, this is only something that Mina is able to give you”

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The perfect profile for your commercial blend with Mina