The Second Chance Project

Jun 15, 2020

In Dalla Corte, we believe in second chances. This is how our cooperation with the Bollate Penitentiary in Milan, Italy, started in 2017. By giving second life to our professional espresso machines through the Second Chance Project, the inmates are given a second chance at life.

Social responsibility is something we have always strongly committed to in Dalla Corte, from our self-imposed strict energy consumption levels on our commercial espresso machines, to becoming the world’s first lead-free espresso machine producers and also by paying careful attention to sustainable packaging and materials.

We challenged ourselves to share our knowledge to improve the inmates' lives. Directly supervised by our specialized technicians, a Team within the Penitentiary was carefully selected. This special Team refurbishes our Dalla Corte Evolution coffee machines, our very first multi-group espresso machine series. Through the Second Chance Project, the inmates are learning functional skills that will help them prepare for the future when looking for work after their release, while also having a purpose in their daily routine at Bollate Penitentiary.

Your Dalla Corte machine will be re-styled with the Second Chance Project logo and be as good as new. Even better. #makeitbetter

The Second Chance Project