The Temperature Control System

Nov 27, 2019

Coffee extraction is key to delicious cups of espresso and satisfied customers. Coffee is an incredibly complex drink, so it’s important to use a professional espresso machine that offers temperature precision and stability. The Temperature Control System on Dalla Corte’s XT guarantees a consistency never seen before.

Temperature setting has always been a core value in Dalla Corte’s machines, poorly insulated boilers and low-quality heating elements often lead to inconsistency in the cup. Thanks to the Temperature Control System, temperature can be set with a 0.1 degree precision on each group. This extreme control over extraction, makes it easier to find the coffee’s sweet spot, the ideal extraction point, and replicate it any given cup.

XT is the perfect commercial machine for coffee shops and baristas who are looking for consistency and precision in every single parameter of the extraction.

The Temperature Control System