The traditional espresso cup

Jun 12, 2020

The classic ceramic espresso coffee cup is a symbol of tradition, safety, and sustainability. With every Dalla Corte commercial espresso machine, we include our Barista Kit with the essential Dalla Corte espresso cups - you can recognize them from our original logo and our motto, #makeitbetter!

SANITARY. The hard-paste porcelain our cups are made of is fired at 1400 degrees Celsius, making them pore-free and safe to use – plus, the glaze coating provides an extra protective layer and makes the cup nice and shiny.

SUSTAINABLE. First-quality materials make the cups basically ever-lasting and endlessly re-usable, avoiding single-use cups that have a negative impact on our planet’s eco-systems.

PERFECT. Porcelain has excellent heat-retention properties, a key element when tasting a traditional espresso. The egg-shape of the cup accompanies the crema and enhances the coffee’s aromas.

TRADITIONAL. We immediately associate this small cup the whole espresso ritual. Among the many different colours, materials and shapes espresso cups come in today, there are no doubts why this is still a must-have item for any true coffee lover.

We always try to bring to you the best products to nurture your passions, but also ours. #makeitbetter

The traditional espresso cup