There are so many reasons to fall in love with Mina!

Oct 03, 2019

Advanced technology and stylish design in one pretty package, today we look at three different ways to control our lovely Mina: an automatic process, a semi- automatic process and a fully manual process. Through Mina’s app we have control of what happens in the pre-infusion and infusion stage, in terms of flow and time, in a five-step profile.

In the video Dalla Corte - The #Perfectshot - Mina's Flow Profiling, we can see three different profiles being extracted in three different ways. These three profiles are completely different from one another, by the way we presented water to the coffee during the pre-infusion and infusion process. The first profile is extracted with an automatic process. The next is a semi-automatic process where we use the lever on a two-step profile. And last is free styling by using a full manual mode and using the lever to engage the steps by hand and control time throughout the process.

Thanks to all these options, we can control the dynamics of the espresso in terms of balance, acidity, sweetness and the overall feel of the cup, its length, its aftertaste, its texture. Choose the best setting to find your sweet spot!

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Mina!