This year’s Host was special, thanks to the launch of Zero

Oct 23, 2019

That’s a wrap up! This year’s Host was particularly special for the Dalla Corte team, as we launched our new professional espresso machine, the Zero.

The booth was a mix of different areas, ready to highlight each machine’s unique characteristics.

Cole Therode and Fabricio Sencion worked on the new Zero, discovering and showing its new amazing features and outstanding design.

Mina Smart Bar in the George Howell custom set was magnificently directed by Danilo Lodi, who created different recipes according to our visitor’s tastes and preferences.

Michalis Karagiannis surprised us with his breath-taking latte art skills and passion for coffee on the classic Dalla Corte XT.

The two Studios looked perfect in our fully equipped kitchen, and with Martha Grill’s smile it really felt like being at home.

Catherine Queiroz pulled shots from the eye-catching custom EVO2 by Amina, decorated with colourful plants, fruits and coffee beans.

Matteo di Lorenzo and Johnny Jeon have done a great job on the new XT classic, now with six buttons, dedicated to coffee shop chains.

Full of ideas and new plans, we salute you and look forward to seeing you in two years time, thank you Host Milano!

This year’s Host was special, thanks to the launch of Zero