Venice wood Mina panel: a venetian touch

Jul 03, 2017

The charm of a city floating on a lagoon sprinkled with islands: Venice. Its dreamlike beauty and its historical value have inspired writers, painters, artists from all over the world. They made it more than a real city: they carried it out of time and space and transformed it into a myth.

Today, after more than a millennium, the bottom of the lagoon looks like an immense forest of long oak and larch poles, sinking into a muddy soil. A particular marine environment, where the “briccole” delimit the navigable areas and point the way to sailors.

The peculiar features of the wood used to make the “briccole” make it unique in its genre. A piece of Venetian history comes to life again thanks to a a special artisanal treatment, recalling the incredible beauty of an extraordinary territory.


Venice wood Mina panel: a venetian touch