Visit Europa Kaffe & Te

Jan 16, 2020

Europa Kaffe & Te was founded in 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark – in the Gellerup neighborhood. Although it sounds pretty new, Europa has been caffeinating Danes for more than 55 years: the mothership, Europa 1989, was their first café in Copenhagen (and is still running!). Since then, they’ve grown quickly, and most impressively, its in-house roastery produces brilliant specialist coffee.

“We’ve chosen Gellerup because of the diversity of people living here.” they explain ”It’s not a hipster neighborhood, it’s a real-life neighborhood with all kinds of people – and that’s why we love it, and we are committed to make a positive change for the people living here and their coffee drinking habits.” Their mission is to spread specialty coffee education “we believe that this is the perfect place to introduce the common coffee drinker, that doesn’t know about specialty coffee, to the wonderful world of great coffee experiences.”

They’ve chosen to use a Dalla Corte 2-group EVO2HV commercial espresso machine “it is such a reliable espresso machine, and the easiness of dialing in different espressos with different temperatures makes it so much easier and fun for us to work with.”

Europa is welcoming guests behind the counter: as head barista Emil Colding Seiersen brews their coffee, guests can get an insight of how brewing is done, know more about the coffee there’s in the grinder that particular day and check out professional coffee equipment.

Europa roasts its own beans on-site: behind the soundproof glass-fronted counter, you can see Europa’s roaster Loring Kestrel, at work. Guests can sit 1 meter from the ongoing roasting process, while sipping coffees.

Visit Europa Kaffe & Te and get an insight of true coffee craftmanship, this place truly is bean-to-cup in all its glory.

Visit Europa Kaffe & Te