Sep 30, 2020

By now you know that making an excellent espresso at home isn’t as straightforward as grinding some beans and let your professional espresso machine take care of the rest. But if you are truly passionate about coffee and want to enjoy the espresso ritual also in your own kitchen, let’s get to the next step of our home brewing adventure and talk about water temperature and water quality!

A pretty frequent mistake is using boiling hot water for your extraction. Warmer water doesn’t equal to better coffee, you’ll risk burning your coffee grind and have a bitter taste in your cup. We suggest you start by setting the temperature to 94 ° Celsius and go from there - trial and error will help you find the ideal temperature for your coffee selection. On the Dalla Corte Studio home espresso machine you can easily change the temperature with a 0.1° precision and it is maintained steady throughout extraction, thanks to the patented multiboiler technology.

And remember that water has its own taste as well! Different minerals interfere with the taste of your coffee, so we suggest always using filtered water instead of tap water.

You’ve tasted your first professional espresso made at home, but it’s not over yet! We need to learn how to properly clean your grinder and your espresso machine. Keep following us on @dallacorte_espresso to find out how! #beyourownbarista