We asked our coffee experts what their first coffee experience was!

May 26, 2021

We want to end this journey from bean to cup by asking each of our coffee experts what their first coffee experience was!

Paolo Dalla Corte - growing up I drank caffelatte - coffee with milk - for breakfast. The coffee was made with the moka or - even better – with a Faema Velox that my father had bolted to the wall! It was a professional lever machine with the original brewing unit. My father made coffee with that while my mother used the moka, after which they heated the milk and made caffelatte. Espresso is still the most popular drink in Italy, but caffelatte is what children usually have. The day starts with caffelatte, if it starts with tea it's going to be a bad day!

Fabrizio Sención Ramirez – growing up in Mexico, coffee is an integral part of our culture and we drink cafe de olla - a full immersion coffee with spices and cocoa. You stew coffee, cocoa, cinnamon, cloves and orange peel and you let it boil, let it sit and then serve it with a spoon in cups of endemic materials. I would put it this way, it is like the chai for the Indians, it is a concentrate not only of coffee but of different things that people can find in that area, it can be cocoa, cinnamon, clove, pepper or the peel of a citric fruit.

Cole Torode - in Canada we are not deeply rooted in coffee tradition like Italy or Brazil. We have this strange culture that is very much driven by quantity over quality, people tend to order the largest to-go cup there is, and then it becomes a brand association thing where you walk around. It’s becoming part of home rituals, but we are so dominated by quick service restaurants. Most Canadians would start their day with a Double Double, the iconic drink Tim Hortons came up with, which is two cream, two sugar in black’s creamy and sweet, hardly tastes like coffee at all.

Simone Guidi – of course espresso is espresso, but you don't drink it when you’re little, you start drinking it when you grow up ... my first experience is with the moka, but not the way you might think, because when you’re little the first coffees you are given are mostly sugar! I was given a small cup and my parents would put sugar in it and I loved scraping it from the bottom of the cup. Moka is home, I think that most children started having coffee with the moka here in Italy, especially with a lot of sugar.

Johnny Jeon - in Korea we have coffee mix in small single-use bags, and I remember that at around 10 years old I was making instant coffee secretly from my mother, because I obviously wasn’t allowed! I created different recipes and kept tasting them until I got a result that suited my taste, for me it was like a little adventure!

Danilo Lodi - in Brazil we drink filter coffee! At home we use Melitta or a cloth filter, in restaurants and when you go out in general we drink espresso. My grandmother had an Italian coffee maker but it was only for guests, on a daily we use a cloth filter. In Brazil the word "breakfast" in Portuguese literally translates to "morning coffee" (café da manhã) ", so if someone invites you for a coffee in the morning, they are actually inviting you to breakfast! Even in the cheapest restaurants you’ll find a thermos with filter coffee, because it should be served immediately after lunch in small cups, like an espresso cup.

Thanks to all our Pros for sharing this journey with us! Coffee is what drives us every day to create the best technologies and #makeitbetter! #beantocup

We asked our coffee experts what their first coffee experience was!