We changed the rules to improve results

Feb 10, 2017

In Dalla Corte we have a passion for continuous innovation to provide our customers with the best tools to achieve the perfect espresso.

Our patented independent brewing system, the first multiboiler design ever, was a revolution that changed the art of brewing coffee. And it is still the best technology on the market. 

Our brewing units are the only ones to work completely independently from the boiler and from each other, using cold water drawn directly from the water mains. The temperature probe placed at the cold water inlet and the special 800 Watt element ensure that the water temperature is always consistent with the pre-established setting.

So, which are the benefits of our technology?

The pre-set temperature always remains constant thanks to the 5.8 kg brass structure of each independent unit to limit the dispersion of heat. The result is a perfect espresso even if brewed during rush time.

The units can even be set at different temperatures with high precision, in order to brew different types of coffee and bring out their different aromatic characteristics.

Dalla Corte technology and design allow energy savings of about 50% with respect to conventional machines in stand-by mode, thanks also to the possibility of turning off the boiler and one or more units as needed, leaving only those units necessary to meet the short term demands on. 

We changed the rules to improve results