We’re doing our part for the environment and with our professional espresso machines, so are you!

Aug 01, 2019

Here in DC we strongly believe that we can all make a change to save our planet. By using one of our commercial espresso machines, so are you!

We’ve carried out many tests until we reached the energy saving levels we wanted, without affecting efficiency. At this point we could have just auto certified ourselves, but here in Dalla Corte we are always up for a challenge. Therefore, we’ve appointed the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark (IMQ) to run a special test on our machines, and here are the results:

Tests on Dalla Corte machines:

2 groups: max. 7,8 Kw

3 groups: max. 11,3 Kw

4 groups: max. 13,0 Kw

Results on traditional technology machines:

2 groups: 11,20Kw

3 groups: 15,00Kw

4 groups: 22,00Kw

Not only do our machines maintain high performance levels, but the results are surprising compared to traditional espresso machines. Now that’s called sustainability!