We’re here in Johor Bahru Malaysia for Johor Coffee Week!

Mar 19, 2023

The Malaysian Specialty Coffee Association is hosting a weeklong coffee event here in beautiful Johor Bahru. We’ve joined Global Coffee Resources, a local Dalla Corte distributor to represent DC, an excellent excuse to eat as much Malaysian food as we can and enjoy the beautiful Malaysian culture. This event started on the 16th of March and ends today, on the 19th. 

Malaysian coffee culture has been experiencing a rapid growth in the last three years and it’s been a pleasure to witness the scale of that growth at this event. Some of our favourite highlights from our time here have been: 

1. The Specialty Coffee Roasting Village.

  • This area of the event opened our eyes to the many newly-founded specialty coffee  roasters operating in Malaysia and gave us an opportunity to sample some of the best coffee Malaysia has to offer. 

2. The Malaysia Signature Beverage Competition

  • While there’s a time and place for more rigid coffee competitions, there’s something very entertaining about a comp that allows so much freedom of expression. 

3. Showing off what Mina can do. 

  • Australian, Tristan Creswick, had a blast flexing Mina’s flow capabilities for the Malaysian audience. In particular, Mina’s app was highly praised. Tristan made two variations of espresso using the same beans to illustrate how much of an effect a custom flow profile can make. We had fun here. 

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have exactly twelve hours until our flight home in which to eat as many variations of Nasi Lemak, Laksa, and Kuih as we physically can. 

We’re here in Johor Bahru Malaysia for Johor Coffee Week!