We’ve got to 2017: XT enters the market

Jul 28, 2021

It's 2017: XT enters the market and it’s the first Dalla Corte multi-group machine to feature independent manual water flow profiling for each dispensing group.

The beauty of XT is the complete independence of each brewing unit, it's like having multiple espresso machines in one! You can program each group for different blends and origins, or dedicate one to milk-based drinks, or even have one for the 58mm portafilters: dial in multiple coffees or simply enjoy the incredible precision of the multiboiler system.

XT also introduces an integrated weighing system with drop-by-drop control, the Weight Control System, which converts water flow into grams with extreme precision and eliminates the need for scales or other external tools.

With precise temperature control in every group, customizable flow control, and a real-time weighing system, enjoy XTreme accuracy, with Dalla Corte XT.


We’ve got to 2017: XT enters the market