We're at the Riyadh International Center

Dec 05, 2019

The International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition is one of the largest coffee exhibitions in the Middle East, an unmissable event for those working in the coffee industry, that’s why we’re here with Camel Step, our Partner in Saudi Arabia.

The unique booth takes the visitors along a journey to discover the world of coffee and what there is to know about the coffee bean itself. The selection, production and much work to reach perfection in the cup: for espressos, Camel Step relies on a beautiful Dalla Corte XT in the Total White version.

Several screens within the booth display the process that coffee beans undergo from roasting to the final stage of packaging. By walking into the booth, the visitors are taken along a virtual journey through the images on the screens.

Concurrently to the Exhibition, our Sales Manager Marco Libonati will have a round table meeting on the future of coffee and the new technologies in the market.

The Exhibition is on five days at the Riyadh International Center, from the 3rd to the 7th of December, explore our booth and get ready to #makeitbetter.

We're at the Riyadh International Center