We're Sponsoring The Richest Barista Competition

Jul 30, 2023

With a prize pool of $40,000 - The Richest Barista competition is the most lucrative barista competition worldwide, and we are one of the sponsors for it.

Aptly named "Richest Barista," the format is a knock-out style, brimming with high-paced excitement and the suspense that only the pressure of a 40k prize can put on a person.

Over the course of MICE2023, baristas will engage in three intense head-to-head rounds designed to challenge their practical and sensory prowess:

  • Round One: Competitors will take center stage, crafting and pouring six drinks in 10 minutes. The challenge includes two espressos, two milk beverages, and two alternative milk beverages, putting their versatility and expertise to the test.
  • Round Two: Contestants will demonstrate their latte art mastery, pouring six drinks in 12 minutes. Among those beverages, two must be macchiatos, two traditional lattes, and two free pour lattes.
  • Round Three: Contestants will be asked to test their sensory skill by identifying the odd one out of a cup tasting.

The ultimate glory awaits the last barista standing, the one who exhibits unmatched excellence in all aspects of coffee preparation and tasting. It's a battle of skill, passion, and dedication, and the winner will undoubtedly earn well-deserved recognition along with that massive cash prize.

This event promises an unforgettable experience for participants and attendees alike. See you there!

We're Sponsoring The Richest Barista Competition