WOC 2017: experience coffee and fly to Seoul

Jun 05, 2017

We will be at World Of Coffee in Budapest from 13th to 15th June 2017 to offer you fantastic coffee experiences. You can find us at booth E9/11 where you will be involved in Proofs Of Taste of speciality coffees and different blends extracted by our espresso machines. Then, you can have fun with our Latte Art contest together with professional trainers and take part in educational workshops about espresso customization with Mina.

At Mina stations you can discover the potential of Mina’s new modular system (link to the related article) and learn how the exclusive digital water flow regulation works (link to the video). It has been specially designed to regulate the quantity of water on the coffee cake with extreme precision for the entire extraction, especially during pre-infusion. You can intensify the aromas in the cup and vary acidity, sweetness, body. Enjoy an outside-the-box tasting together with our Coffee Pro Johnny Jeon and Simone Guidi, expert barista.

If you love living at full speed and being on the move, the dc pro Rebel Racing station is an inevitable pit-stop, where you can express all your creativity during our Latte Art Contest. Giuseppe Musiu, runner up at the Italian Latte Art championship in 2012 and 2014 in Rimini, will unveil the secrets of this creative discipline. The training will be on the new airbrushed dc pro edition, freely inspired by the racing world. The prize for the winner is a flight to attend the World Barista Championship in Seoul.

Furthermore, dedicated Proofs of Taste will be organized on our evo2 to show how changes in the extraction temperature can vary the result in the cup.

We are waiting for you!

WOC 2017: experience coffee and fly to Seoul