WoC Impressions and Champions

Jun 29, 2022

World of Coffee 2022 was fast-paced and lively, a perfect re-entry into large-scale coffee events after the isolation and suspension during Covid-19. There was so much to do and see, and hardly enough time to experience it all in the three days of the event. 

Dalla Corte’s Australian Business Development Manager, Tristan Creswick, was in Milan for WoC and is now back on Australian shores. The event left a lasting impression on him and he shared the following with us;

 “It was SO nice to catch up with friends from all over the world and be at an event that was full of people, finally, after three years. It was also amazing to see so many world-renowned specialty coffee experts come to the Dalla Corte booth and discover the Zero, the ICON, and the Online Control System. The appetite to learn about our technology and how it works was exciting and rewarding. I also appreciated hearing the roar of the crowd, which was substantial, during the various World Championship competitions that were held. I haven’t heard cheering that loud since before the pandemic.”

So who won these thrilling competitions? Here’s a list:

  • Winner of World Latte Art Championship: Carmen Clemente, representing Italy *Australian Rep Victor Vu from ONA coffee was a finalist.

  • Winner of the Coffee in Good Spirits Championship: Agnieszka Rojewska, representing Poland. *Australian Rep Danny Wilson of ONA coffee was a finalist.

  • Winner of the World Cup Tasters Championship: Heongwan Moon representing South Korea.

  • Winner of the World Coffee Roasting Championship: Felix Teiretzbacher representing Austria.

  • Winner of the Cezve/Ibrik Championship: Michaela Ruazol-Recera representing the UAE. 

With the excitement of World of Coffee 2022 behind us, it’s now time to plan and prepare for the next big coffee event, the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, taking place from the 27th - 30th of September 2022. Mark the date on your calendars, we look forward to seeing you there! 

WoC Impressions and Champions