World of Coffee Athens: Recap

Jun 30, 2023

We embarked on an extraordinary journey to Athens, Greece, for the highly anticipated World of Coffee expo, World Coffee Championships, and our very own World Barista Championship. Our time in Athens was filled with captivating coffee tastings, exhilarating competitions, and awe-inspiring sightseeing, making it an unforgettable experience.

The World of Coffee expo provided a magnificent platform for coffee enthusiasts and professionals from all corners of the globe to gather and celebrate their shared passion. We were thrilled to witness the latest trends, innovations, and expertise within the coffee industry. 

Our Dalla Corte booth at the expo was a hub of excitement, drawing in eager baristas looking to experience the capabilities of our machines. We delighted in showcasing our cutting-edge technology and sharing our passion for crafting exceptional coffee with everyone who paid us a visit.

Between coffee-centric adventures, we couldn't resist immersing ourselves in the rich history and mythology of Athens. The iconic Acropolis, adorned with the majestic Parthenon, stood proudly, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. 

Strolling through the enchanting streets of Plaka, we discovered cosy coffee shops nestled among neoclassical buildings. These hidden gems provided the perfect oasis to enjoy a moment of respite, savouring aromatic coffees while soaking in the captivating atmosphere of Athens. To our delight, we encountered a handful of Dalla Corte machines during our wanderings, and naturally, we couldn't resist the opportunity to sample coffees from each one.

Our time in Athens for World of Coffee was a whirlwind of extraordinary experiences. As we bid farewell to Athens, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to this captivating city for providing us with a remarkable journey through the World of Coffee. Until we meet again, Athens, thank you for the memories that will linger in our hearts and cups for years to come.

World of Coffee Athens: Recap