World Of Coffee - DAY 2

Jun 22, 2018

It’s our second day in Amsterdam’s World Of Coffee. It has been incredible, people have come from far and wide to see the new XT and to try our amazing coffee. If you are a specialty coffee lover, you can’t miss our coffee list.

On our XT we have 80 plus’s coffee, depending on the flow profile in use you might get an amazing full body coffee with a pronounced sweetness or a more acidic coffee with a delicate note of red fruits.On our Mina Smart Bar we are serving, three different coffees, two by Solberg & Hansen and one incredible coffee by La Sosta. With our Mina Smart Bar and now, our XT you’ll be able to pick and choose the coffee you want by creating your personalized coffee.

Taste the coffee on our XT, as if it were a great first time, one million times over.

World Of Coffee - DAY 2