XT, designed with baristas

Dec 30, 2019

We recently launched our Dalla Corte espresso machines on the American market. The launch party we held in Boston with coffee guru George Howell and Dalla Corte founder and CEO Paolo Dalla Corte, was a blast!

The Whole Latte Love team, our new US Partner, has done an amazing job reviewing all the features of our commercial coffee machine Dalla Corte XT with Danilo Lodi, Dalla Corte Coffee Pro and World Barista Championship Judge.

XT is equipped with the original multi boiler system, Dalla Corte’s core technology, which offers independent control over temperature and allows to turn off one or more groups when not used and save energy. Thanks to the manual flow regulator, each group can be set with its own extraction profile, maintaining full control over temperature, flow, and weight through the digital touch screen.

XT is compatible with the dc system (MCS - OCS - GCS) and through the Grinder Control System you can connect up to three DC One grinders or one DC Two grinder. This machine was designed with baristas for baristas, but it is also ideal for coffee shops and chains where it’s necessary to pre-set the espresso machine for different preparations.

Flexibility, consistency and creativity in every cup you make. Be XTreme.


XT, designed with baristas