XT On The Road, San Giminiano

May 07, 2019

The XT On The Road is back in a new beautiful location, San Giminiano, Tuscany on the 17th of May, with some special features from the Dalla Corte World.

It will be right in Bar Piazzetta, one of recent #DCaroundtheWorld features, where the event will be hosted. This time with some very special guests, Falco service, our local partner and two coffee trainers: one from Espresso Academy and our very own Coffee Pro Simone Guidi, who will guide you through a sensorial experience and an introduction to our XT.

Here are the main features of the event:

First off, a moment dedicated to an introduction to the DC world and our espresso coffee machine XT. Later a coffee tasting with Le Piantagioni di Caffè, with different varieties of coffee, different flows and portafilter sizes (54mm vs 58mm) on the XT, to really understand how the technology works and how the taste changes.

Then a full-blown high-level latte art contest where the winner will win a Studio, our new one group espresso home machine, only a true latte artist will be able to take home the big prize. See you soon, see you at the next XT on the road!

Event sponsor: Sponsor dell’evento: Falco Service, Bar Piazzetta San Gimignano, Le Piantagioni del Caffè, La Sosta Specialty Coffee, Espresso Academy Firenze

XT On The Road, San Giminiano